Embassy of Portugal in Thailand

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

General information

Other than Thailand, the consulate jurisdiction of the Embassy in Bangkok covers Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam as well.
For information on consular affairs, users should contact sconsular.bangkok@mne.pt, after checking the list of consulate services provided by this Embassy.
Schengen visa applications to visit Portugal should be submitted via the email (contact.th@tlscontact.com) after consulting TLS website (https://pt.tlscontact.com/th/bkk/index.php).

National visa applications (temporary visa and residence visa) should be requested via the email: sconsular.bangkok@mne.pt, after checking the item “visas” on this page: https://www.vistos.mne.pt/en/.
For other matters, please contact bangkok@mne.pt.